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Meet the Royal Blue Crew, the creators of content on platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

Our Main channel


What is the RBC?

The RBC is a group of friends who like to play games or hang out together and make videos about it! We are doing various and many things ranging from Podcasts, Gaming videos, Reaction videos, Memes, Streams, vlogs and Tik Toks

Hope you find something you like and decide to stick around! Also dont forget to join the discord so you can bring in your own ideas and support us it would be greatly appreciated!


We have a Community Discord. You can join this to talk to the creators, ask to join in. or bring in any ideas.



We have a variety of partnered YouTube channels. Like RBC Woody, & RBC Shield. Go check them out!

Minecraft Server

There is an Official Minecraft server you can play on too! Bring your friends :)



Find us on Instagram too!



On our main twitter you can see insights on whats going on in the RBC. whats being recorded or edited?


Tik Tok

Yes we also have partnered Tik Tok accounts!

Such as @njilderda or @woodyy_

Meet the founders

With Saph as the original founder of the YouTube channel, Woody followed shortly after with his own channel: "RBC Woody". They eventually merged their channel to become RBC Saph & Woody

Did you know that originally the channel was just called 'Saph' and the discord called Saphland? Saph decided he didnt like too much of just his name around so created a community vote where people could choose a name. They kept the royal blue in honor of the color of a sapphire but broadened the brand with the new name.

Fun fact: Woody has several tattoos in honor of RBC, Such as the RBC logo, a dying light icon and a TTT logo! All the tattoos were designed by Saph!

Saph (Left) and Woody (Right), Founder & Creators Image

Testimonials from some RBC members.

“RBC is a great community that i’m grateful being a part of. It makes me feel proud of myself for being here. If i had to choose between Poopoo Peepee and RBC , i would choose RBC.”

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Zacky RBC Member

“I never found a better community for creators, and that I went through quite a few.
PS: I shot the sheriff. ;p”

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Shield RBC Video Creator

“The Royal Blue Crew is a community which I am proud to be included in. It strives to make sure that all involved are truly enjoying themselves with the company provided. I strongly recommend joining the RBC, because it is truly a wonderful community.”

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Craftlon RBC Member

That's all folks'

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